Limits to the powers of Palestinian Security Agencies to Detain Palestinian Civilians

This study came about as a result of a thorough review of the complaints documented by Al-Haq regarding alleged violations by the Palestinian security services during the period of Palestinian division. Al-Haq’s interventions and follow-up revealed broad ignorance of the law in addition to indifference from both the security services themselves and the Palestinian civilian. Therefore the study sought to clarify the relevant legal issues arising from detention and the inherent rights guaranteed within Palestinian legislation from the moment of detention until presentation before a competent court. The study also addresses the detention centers recognized by law and the legal safeguards during detention. Through this study Al-Haq’s seeks to raise awareness among the Palestinian security services and the general public and to promote rule of law and good governance in the security sector.

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  • Publisher: Al-Haq Organisation
  • Author: Dr. Isam Abdeen
  • Language: Arabic
  • ISBN: 978-9950-327-25-2
  • Pages: 64 pages
  • Published in: 2011
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  • Download Item : Download Civil-Detention.pdf

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