International Commissions of Inquiry and Palestine: Overview and Impact

The present paper is devoted to a study analysis of those international commissions of inquiry and fact-finding missions established in relation to the Occupied Palestinian Territory in order to measure their impact, particularly with regard to the respect and promotion of international law in the area.

The present paper is the result of a work involving the review of the preparatory documents and resolutions, the commissions’ reports, a number of scholars’ contributions and journals articles. It also takes into account the exchange of views that the author had with a number of stakeholders active on the ground, including local non-governmental organizations and international organizations directly involved in past fact-finding exercise. Finally, it includes the views expressed in an interview with the author by Professor John Dugard, Chair Commissioner of the 2000 Human Rights Inquiry Commission in the OPT and of the 2009 Arab League Independent Fact-Finding Committee on the Gaza Conflict.

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