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International Commissions of Inquiry and Palestine: Overview and Impact

The present paper is devoted to a study analysis of those international commissions of inquiry and fact-finding missions established in relation to the Occupied Palestinian Territory in order to measure their impact, particularly with regard to the respect and promotion of international law in the area.

Al-Haq, 30 Years of Defending Human Rights in Palestinian Territories

With three decades rich with activity, achievement and experience; three decades full of political turmoil and challenges, AL-HAQ was the first human rights organisation to be established in Palestine and in the Middle East. Deriving its name from justice and rights, the name of AL-HAQ (synonymous to right in English) comprises one word that is easy to pronounce and profound in meaning.Enjoying an esteemed international, regional and local status, AL-HAQ has been renowned for its professional activity and distinctive ability to defend victims and human rights in Palestine. It has sought to promote the principle of the rule of law and had a deep faith that justice and peace are interdependent: Peace will not be established without justice and rights. AL-HAQ believes and defends individual and collective rights, including the right to self-determination. Adopting International Law principles and norms as a point of departure and guide, AL-HAQ has been active throughout local, regional and international arenas. Though it has encountered various challenges, AL-HAQ performs its mission steadily and on the grounds of professionalism, transparency, participation, independence and principal defence of human rights and rule of law. That is AL-HAQ.

Four Years Since the Beginning of the Intifada: Systematic Violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

This document provides a compilation of statistics on human rights violations committed during the four years of the current intifada and a legal analysis of the most prominent trends.

The Applicability of Human Rights Law to Occupied Territories: The Case of the Occupied Palestinian Territories

This report examines various theories of applicability of human rights law to occupied territory as well as the interaction between human rights law and humanitarian law. Assessing the implications of each of these theories to the preservation of human rights in occupied territories, the report also addresses the obligations of the occupying power to comply with international human rights laws and conventions. By exploring the specific case of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, this Al-Haq study discusses the provision of human rights ranging from civil and political rights to economic, social and cultural rights, to protection from racial and gender discrimination as established by international law.

Discussion Paper on International Protection - Perceptions and Possibilities

Originally constructed as a concept paper for Palestinian organisations working to put together an international solidarity campaign in the follow-up to the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, this concept paper seeks to open debate on the idea of international protection. It seeks to further the push for international action to protect the Palestinians from ongoing Israeli human rights violations. It is hoped that it can be used as a starting point from which to move forward.

In Need of Protection: An Investigation Into Israeli Practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territories During the Intifada

This report covers the range of human rights violations committed by Israeli authorities during the first year of the second intifada. It considers the legal and political context as well as Israeli violations including the unlawful use of force, targetted assassinations, settler attacks, detention and torture, property destruction, and movement restrictions. It then considers the legal mechanisms available for the protection of the Palestinians. The report covers the period from 29 September 2001 until 1 October 2002.

Protection Denied: Continuing Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 1990

This report updates the status of Palestinian human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the context of Israeli policies. It covers such issues as use of force, settler violence, restrictions on economic development, land use and planning, taxation, movement restrictions, labour rights, women's rights, family reunification, medical care, education, and religion. The document considers both Israeli obligations as well as those of third-party states. As long as Israel is permitted to persist in its disregard of international law, Palestinians will be denied the protection to which they are entitled by law. 

Perpetual Emergency: A Legal Analysis of Israel's Use of the British Defence (Emergency) Regulations 1945, in the Occupied Territories

This paper examines Israel's use of the Defence (Emergency) Regulations in the Occupied Territories in the context of their status under international law. These regulations, first introduced to Palestine by the British Mandatory Government in 1945, grant the authorities almost unrestricted powers of administrative punishment and have been the subject of much legal controversy since 1967. The arguments for and against their validity, as well as the legality of various practices they sanction, are considered, and relevant appendices included.

A Nation Under Siege

This annual report examines a range of human rights violations committed by Israeli occupying forces in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza Strip. Using international humanitarian and human rights law as its criteria for analysis, the report classifies each violation in such terms. With extensive appendices - including official statistics, legal documents, military reports and affidavits - the report addresses such violations as torture and killings in detention, medical rights abuses, belligerent settlers, soldiers and policies, house demolitions, unaccounted-for deportations, administrative detention, and grave infringements on educational, economic and religious rights. It affirms the moral and legal obligation of states to uphold Article 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, in concurrence with all international laws and paradigms.

Punishing a Nation: Human Rights Violations During the Palestinian Uprising, December 1987-1988

Al-Haq's first annual report details the range of violations of international law faced by Palestinians throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Issues addressed include the use of force against Palestinians, obstruction of medical treatment, settlements and settler violence, and the administration of justice.

Briefing Papers on: Twenty Years of Israel Occupiation of the West Bank and Gaza

This Al-Haq report is a collection of briefing papers on a range of issues concerning the first 20 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The briefing papers outline the effects of occupation on economic, cultural and educational components of society, and describe the military system of control over the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Covering everything from town arrests to demolitions and sealing of houses to administrative detention and deportations, this report elucidates the implications of occupation on the daily lives of the occupied.

Human rights violations in the West Bank : in their own words

In.their.own.wordsThis collection of affidavits compiled by Al-Haq address a range of violations to which Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are subjected, including demolition and sealing of houses; abuses by Israeli settlers; harassment of students; town arrests; and issues pertaining to villages leagues. The affidavits testify to grave violations by different groups: some Israeli and some Arab, some civilian and some military. While the media has reported such instances, this collection is the first time that vctims' own accounts are made available.

Report on Human Rights Practices in the Occupied Territories During 1981

Report on Human Rights Practices in the Occupied Territories During 1981

Waiting for Justice: Al-Haq's 25th Anniversary Report

This report covers violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by the Israeli authorities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), during 2004. It begins with an overview of the legal and political situation in the OPT, and then addresses specific violations such as movement restrictions, the use of force, house demolitions, settlements and settler violence, family unification, and the construction of the annexation wall.
(Published: June 2005, pages: 312, Size: 2694 KB)

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