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Settling Area C: The Jordan Valley Exposed

The Jordan Valley comprises over a fifth of the territory of the West Bank and contains vital land reserves for the natural expansion of Palestinian towns and cities. It has abundant water resources – including one-third of the underground water reserves in the West Bank – and has vast potential for agricultural, industrial and tourism industries. The economic development of the Jordan Valley is considered essential for Palestinian growth and recovery and is therefore crucial for the sustainability and viability of an independent Palestinian State.

Shifting Paradigms - Israel’s Enforcement of the Buffer Zone in the Gaza Strip

The so-called buffer zone is a military no-go area that extends within the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) along the entire Gaza Strip’s border with Israel as well as at sea. The buffer zone allegedly responds to the Occupying Power’s legitimate security concerns; yet, Israel’s unilateral expansion of this restricted area and its enforcement mechanisms seriously infringe upon the rights
of protected persons and cause many civilian casualties.

Screaming in the Dark: Life in Israeli Detention

This report includes the testimony of Yaser al-Disi, Al-Haq's Media Officer who was detained in March 2002 during "Operation Defensive Shield," the Israeli attack against Palestinian towns throughout the West Bank undertaken to fight "terrorism." Al-Disi was in Al-Haq's office when it was raided by the Israeli military, and was subsequently arrested. Israeli authorities held him as an administrative detainee for three months, first in the Ofer military camp and later in Ansar 3 prison in the Negev. This tesimony describes his experiences, including meticulous details about the conditions under which he and thousands of other Palestinian men were held during this period.

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