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Joint Report on the 1996 Palestinian Elections

This report reviews the conduct of the first elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council and President of the Palestinian National Authority which took place on 20 January 1996 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It is based on monitoring by a team of human rights and election experts from Al-Haq, Article 19 and the International Commission of Jurists. It examines the legal framework in which the elections were held and details the violations of law occurring during the three phases of the election process: the pre-election campaign period, election day, and the post-election phase of counting and declaring the results and hearing election appeals.

Justice? The Military Court System in the Israeli-Occupied Territories

This report outlines the Israeli military court system, beginning with arrest and including interrogation, charge, trial and sentence. It also compares the actual rights available to detainees in the court process with international human rights and humanitarian legal provisions. The paper is based primarily upon interviews with defence lawyers who have practised before the Israeli military courts.

Jerusalem: Its Legal Status and the Possibility of a Durable Settlement

This report addresses the issue of Jerusalem, arguably the most significant and difficult part of the permanent status negotiations because of its profound resonance with both Israelis and Palestinians. The paper considers the legal status of Jerusalem in light of international resolutions and peace treaties signed between Palestinians and Israelis, and Israeli policies regarding Jerusalem, finally presenting scenarios for the equitable settlement of the Jerusalem issue.

Jnaid, The New Israeli Prison in Nablus:

An AppraisalBy relating the conditions which prevail at the Jnaid prison in Nablus, this Al-Haq case study creates a vivid account of daily life in the shoes of a prisoner. This report examines the severe deprivation of basic human needs from the prisoners, in relation to international law and standards as well as existing conditions at other West Bank prisons. It also includes a list of demands compiled by the prisoners as well as a copy of the letter of response from the director of the prison.

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