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Divide and Conquer - A Legal Analysis of Israel’s 2014 offensive against the Gaza Strip

Between 8 July and 26 August 2014, Israel carried out a massive offensive against the occupied Gaza Strip, codenamed ‘Operation Protective Edge’. According to documentation jointly compiled by the Palestinian human rights organisations Al-Haq, Al Mezan, Aldameer and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, a total of 2,215 Palestinians, including 1,639 civilians, were killed during the offensive. Of these victims, 556 were children.  In terms of civilian objects, the organisations documented damage to 32,028 Palestinian residential houses. A documented 43,503 Palestinian families, including 125,079 children, were affected by the destruction and damage to residential house.

Demolition and Sealing of Houses as a Punitive Measure in the Israeli-occupied West Bank

This paper examines the use of demolition and sealing of houses of Palestinians as punitive and/or deterrent measures by the Israeli military authorities in the occupied West Bank. Since May 1985, intensified use of these measures have been made by the Israeli authorities, who argue that these actions are permitted both under local and international law. The paper considers and responds to these arguments.

Death Traps: Israel's Use of Force at Checkpoints in the West Bank

Death.TrapsThis report examines the consistent use of force against Palestinians at Israeli military checkpoints in the West Bank. With nine affidavits given by eye-witnesses to each case, the report describes the circumstances under which the shootings/killings of Palestinians took place, and assesses the legitimacy of Israel's use of force. Given the fact that regulations on the use of firearms lack clarity, this study concludes that Israeli military aggression is easily overlooked, and thus perpetuated.

Death Traps: Landmines in Golan

Publication_DefUnder Israeli occupation since 1967, the Occupied Syrian Golan is an area whose inhabitants are victims of landmines and other explosive devices used during Israeli occupation. These landmines have caused death and injury to dozens of people, mainly children. Israeli authorities, which did not sign the Ottawa Convention banning the use of landmines, have at times openly declared that they consider landmines to be a necessary means of defence. Only a handful of minefields have been cleared.

Discussion Paper on International Protection - Perceptions and Possibilities

Originally constructed as a concept paper for Palestinian organisations working to put together an international solidarity campaign in the follow-up to the 2001 UN World Conference Against Racism, this concept paper seeks to open debate on the idea of international protection. It seeks to further the push for international action to protect the Palestinians from ongoing Israeli human rights violations. It is hoped that it can be used as a starting point from which to move forward.

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