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In 2005 Al-Haq’s Monitoring and Documentation Department began to issue regular three-monthly reports covering human rights abuses that occurred during the reporting period. Since the beginning of 2006, each report highlights a specific trend.

First-hand documentation by Al-Haq‘s Monitoring and Documentation Department constitutes the backbone of all other projects and activities undertaken by the organisation. Al-Haq’s fieldworkers gather information and affidavits from victims of, and eyewitnesses to, human rights violations throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. The field reports do not cover the Gaza Strip, since Al-Haq has no fieldworkers there. The Department continuously documents violations of all sorts, including comprehensive coverage of killings, house demolitions, curfews, and deportations. The information gathered is channelled into Al-Haq‘s advocacy at the local and international levels, including its interventions, legal research reports and campaigns.

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