Monitoring and Documentation Department: January – June 2011

General Statistics:

  • West Bank:

Killings: According to Al-Haq documentation, from the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000 until the end of June 2011, 1,928 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank, of whom 377 were children and 106 female. It is estimated that 313 Palestinians were killed in targeted assassinations.

House demolitions: During the same period, Al-Haq documented a total of 587 punitive house demolitions in the West Bank (511 completely demolished, 70 partially demolished and six completely sealed), leading to the displacement of 3,372 people. Israel has also carried out a large number of house demolitions based on claims that the houses were built without the required permits (administrative house demolition). Since 2004, the Israeli authorities have demolished 859 houses due to the lack of a building permit; of which 332 were in East Jerusalem, leading to the displacement of 2,920 people.


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