Affidavit No. 3332/2007

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Rami 'Abd-al-Halim Ahmad Jabarin, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 851961490, born on 4 April 1989, a worker and a resident of Beit Hanina al-Balad, Ramallah Governorate, would like to declare the following:

At approximately 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 2 January 2007, after the village mosque announced that the occupying forces would allow the Palestinians living in Beit Hanina al-Balad, which is located behind the Separation Wall, to enter Jerusalem during the days of Eid Al-Adha, I decided to accompany my cousin Muhammad Khalil Jabarin to Jerusalem.
Although I live in Beit Hanina al-Balad, my place of residence according to my identity card is Sa'ir, one of the villages in Hebron Governorate. My cousin and I took an illegal road to Route 60, where there was a temporary iron fence separating Beit Hanina al-Balad from Jerusalem. We reached the edge of Route 60 at about 7:30 pm. The moment we arrived, a patrol of Israeli soldiers, who I believe to be border police because of the dark green uniforms they were wearing, passed by. The soldiers ordered us to stop, approached us and took our identity cards. They knew that we were from the West Bank and accused us of sneaking into Jerusalem. Muhammad told them that we live there and that we were returning to our homes.

The soldiers took our mobile phones, closed them and thoroughly searched us after ordering us to take off our coats. Then, they put us in the back of a military jeep with three soldiers, one of whom was black, tall and slim and did not speak Arabic. I believe that he was the officer in charge because there were many badges on his uniform. He had a beauty mark on his brow. I do not remember the features of the soldier driving the jeep, nor of the soldier sitting with us in the back seat of the jeep. The latter soldier ordered us to bow our heads towards the floor of the jeep and blindfolded us. He hit us from time-to-time and cursed at us. After around 30 minutes, the jeep stopped and the soldiers removed our blindfolds. We had stopped near the gate of a military centre. I later learned that we were at 'Atarot military centre, which is situated near Beit Hanina al-Jadida, and is around 300 metres south of the Bir Nabala intersection. We entered the building’s yard, whereupon I saw a number of Israeli soldiers and border police.

There, the soldiers told us to get out of the jeep and to face the wall standing on one foot with our hands in the air. After approximately half an hour, a black soldier, who had been sitting at a desk, came towards us and ordered us to sign forms that he had filled out in Arabic. Muhammad asked about the forms, to which the soldier replied, "It is your declaration that the soldiers did not hit you and did not take anything from you." Muhammad tried to read the document, but the soldier who had been sitting with us in the back seat of the jeep approached him and ordered him to sign. After we signed the papers, the soldiers once again ordered us to stand on one foot by the wall with our hands lifted up in the air, and a distance of six metres between us.

The weather was cold and we did not have jackets. I was afraid because nine soldiers were surrounding us. I felt tired and exhausted; especially because one of the soldiers hit me every time he passed by. After some time, I felt that I could no longer remain standing on one foot with my hands up in the air as ordered. Thus, I put my raised foot down on the ground and dropped my hands. Suddenly, I felt a soldier grab me from behind and push me fiercely against the wall. My face crashed into the wall and my testicles collided with a metal pipe. At that moment, it felt as if sparks were coming out of my eyes. I felt severe pain in my eyes and head, and felt that I was going to vomit. In order to ease the pain, I began doing exercises; alternately standing and sitting. No sooner had I begun doing so, than three soldiers came towards me and ordered me to stand on one foot with my face against the wall. Having obeyed their order, I suddenly received a strong blow to my left side. My pain increased, especially in my chest, and I could no longer stand on one foot. I felt myself fainting and collapsed on the ground.

I felt a fluid coming from my mouth. I also felt the soldiers kicking my abdomen, head and back. I saw the black soldier who had filled out the forms and ordered us to sign them standing near my head. He was shouting at the soldiers, ordering them to stop beating me and to move away from me. He was threatening them with his weapon and talking on his wireless device. At the same time, a soldier with a respirator came and put an oxygen mask over my mouth.

I saw the black soldier leave the area. As soon as he had left, the other soldiers started to punch and kick me all over my body. I felt severe pain when one of the soldiers stomped on my abdomen. The soldier who was putting the oxygen mask over my mouth shouted at them and ordered them to move away from me. I also heard him speaking on his wireless device, and I understood that he was calling for an ambulance.

The black soldier returned and stood near my head in order to prevent the other soldiers from hitting me. The other soldier continued providing me with oxygen. I also saw Muhammad coming closer and talking to me. He covered me with his jacket because I was shivering from cold, but the soldiers ordered him to move away from me.

Soon after, an ambulance arrived. Immediately, the female relief workers, the soldier who was supplying me with oxygen and Muhammad put me on a stretcher and transferred me to the ambulance. In the ambulance, Muhammad asked me about my condition and translated what I said into Hebrew for the female doctor who was in the ambulance with us. Then, an Israeli soldier who spoke Arabic very well came and said, "Nothing is wrong with you and you are only fooling us," adding, "I will take you in the jeep to the checkpoint and will leave you there. We don't want any questions or answers." I replied that I was very tired and wanted to go to the hospital. He answered, "You are free, but you will pay all the treatment expenses, including the ambulance costs." I said that was not important. In response, he pushed the bed on which I was lying in the ambulance, causing it to turn upside down. Finally, at about 10:20 pm the ambulance began to move. I had been in the above situation with the soldiers for about two hours and twenty minutes. I reached Hadasa al-'Eisawiyya Hospital where I was given the required aid. The female emergency doctor refused the request of the soldiers who were accompanying me to release me from the hospital and hand me over to them.

At approximately 3:00 am on Wednesday, 3 January 2007, I left the hospital. They demanded that I pay a bill amounting to 552 shekels, but my cousin Hani Suleiman Jabarin refused to pay because the soldiers were the ones to blame. He said that the soldiers should pay the cost of the treatment. When the hospital officials searched for the soldiers, however, they did not find them. I obtained a report from the hospital showing that I have a fracture on my left ribs.

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 3332/2007
  • Field researcher: Manaf Abbas
  • Affidavit Date: 3 January 2007
  • Name: 'Abd-al-Halim Ahmad Jabarin
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