Affidavit No. 3348/2007

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Daoud Yasin Ahmad Faqih, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 999087174, born on 20 January 1964, a teacher and a resident of Kufr ‘Ein village, Ramallah Governorate, would like to declare the following:

I live in Kufr ‘Ein village, which is located 26 kilometres west of Ramallah city. On 9 October 2006, my wife gave birth to a baby boy whom I named Khaled. He suffered from asthma attacks. Whenever he had an asthma attack, I took him from Kufr ‘Ein to the Ramallah public hospital. This is because our village lacks a medical centre which could properly deal with my son’s case. He needed extra oxygen whenever he had such attacks.

At approximately 12:30 am on Thursday, 8 March 2006, my wife woke me up. She was terrified. She told me that Khaled was having an asthma attack and that we needed to take him to the hospital. I quickly got out of bed and phoned Yousef, a taxi driver from our village. He was accustomed to taking Khaled to the hospital whenever he had an asthma attack. My wife, Khaled, Yousef and I rode in the car.

At approximately 12:50 am we arrived at the 'Atara military checkpoint, where the entry of Palestinians to Ramallah is controlled. No other cars were present at the checkpoint. The soldiers stopped us and asked us for our IDs. I told the soldier, who belonged to the regular army, that my son was sick and needed to be transferred to the hospital as soon as possible. I pointed out my son and said, “Look at him; he is in the back seat with his mom.” The soldier refused to look and insisted on taking our IDs.

He took our IDs and walked five metres away from us, where he stood with four other soldiers. The five minutes he was gone felt like hours. I then called him and said, “I am in a hurry. I have a kid in a serious condition and I have to take him to the hospital.” He came back to me and asked, “Who do you have with you in the car?” I answered, “My sick son and my wife.” He insisted on taking my wife’s ID. I told him, “I need to make use of every minute and second. My son is dying and he needs oxygen.” He paid no attention to me and insisted on taking my wife’s ID. He took it and went away again.

He returned five minutes later, at which stage my wife told me that there was a sort of foam coming out of Khaled’s mouth. I screamed at the solder again and asked him to come back, as my son was dying. He came towards the door on the passenger’s side, where I was sitting, and opened it as though he was going to search the car. I said, “What is wrong with you? Look, my son is dying.” However, he did not care and simply continued to search the car with his torch.

Every time I spoke to him he would say, “I have to search the car.” I begged him, “Have mercy. My son is dying and I have to take him to the hospital as soon as possible.” Still, the soldier paid no attention to my pleas. Instead, he averted his attention to my son’s bag, which was located near my foot. It contained all his clothes and other items he needed. I told the soldier, “These are my son’s clothes. Just look at him.” All of this took approximately ten minutes. One of the soldiers started opening the side door of the car with his back turned to the door. My wife pushed him in his back and screamed in Arabic, “Look, a young child is dying!” There was foam all over his mouth.

The soldier gave us our ID’s and said, “Go.” The car moved approximately two metres when my wife told me, “Khaled is dead. He is not moving or breathing.” The driver stopped and I went to examine Khaled. He appeared to be dead. Nevertheless, I ordered the driver to take us to the hospital. When we arrived there, the doctors informed me that he was already dead.


Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 3348/2007
  • Field researcher: Manaf Abbas
  • Affidavit Date: 22 March 2007
  • Name: Daoud Yasin Ahmad Faqih
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