Affidavit No. 3369/2007

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, ‘Adnan Sa’id 'Abd-al-'Aziz Hamad, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 938205630, born on 7 January 1966, a driver and a resident of ‘Ibwein village, Ramallah Governorate, would like to declare the following:

At approximately 3:00 pm on Thursday, 4 January 2007, I heard intensive firing while I was on al-Quds Street in Ramallah with my wife and daughter. Immediately, I saw people running away. We went into Ibn al-Haytham Optical Shop, which is on same street as we were on, so as to take shelter from the bullets. I saw a huge bulldozer, which I believe was a D9, coming from al-Manara Square along al-Quds Street. There were several military jeeps behind it. Some of the jeeps belonged to the regular army, while others belonged to the border police. I also saw a Hummer. The bulldozer destroyed everything in its path. I saw it lifting cars and piling them on top of each other. After a few minutes, I saw another bulldozer, along with a number of jeeps belonging to the regular army and to the border police, coming down al-Quds Street from the direction of the vegetable market. The two bulldozers met at the entrance of the vegetable market, opposite the building in which I was taking shelter.

All this took place under intensive fire. I did not see any Israeli soldiers on the street. They were all inside the military jeeps, firing out through the jeeps’ windows. They were generally firing in the direction of the al-Bireh bus stop, from which stones were being thrown towards the jeeps.

I did not see any armed Palestinians opening fire against the Israeli soldiers. I saw the bulldozers destroying everything in their path and on the sidewalks. One bulldozer, which was disabled, was towed back towards al-Manara Square by another bulldozer. I also saw a jeep belonging to the regular army that was disabled. The firing then intensified from both directions: from the Israeli soldiers who were in the vicinity of the Jordan Bank intersection, as well as from the Israeli soldiers who were positioned at al-Manara Square. Finally, a jeep belonging to the border police towed the disabled army jeep back towards al-Manara Square. As this was taking place, I saw a number of jeeps and the bulldozers leaving al-Manara Square.

I asked my wife and daughter to follow me out of the building. I was trying to get to the compound where the cars to our village, ‘Ibwein, stop. As I was crossing the road, I heard intensive firing. I looked around and saw a large number of military jeeps still positioned near the Jordan Bank intersection. I returned to the entrance of the building where we had been taking shelter. I stood inside and tried to see what was happening outside by looking through the door. I was hoping for an opportunity to leave. Suddenly, a young man wearing a green jacket came from the direction of the Jordan Bank. He was fleeing the shooting. He entered the building in which we were taking shelter. Like me, he tried to see what was going on by peering around the wall, thereby exposing his head and part of his chest. He looked toward the Jordan Bank intersection with his feet still inside the building. The firing was continuous. All of a sudden, I saw the young man fall to his knees and cry out. He then fell back onto the ground. I opened the jacket and shirt he was wearing. Blood immediately spurted from his chest. I then shouted, "God is Great." Immediately, an ambulance, which was stopping at al-Manara Square, arrived and took him to the hospital. While we were carrying him, his mobile fell on the ground. I received several calls on this mobile. When I answered one of the calls, the speaker said that the mobile belonged to his friend Khalil al-Bayrouti. I told him what had happened. I later learned that the young man who was injured at the entrance to the building was Khalil Mustafa al-Bayrouti. He was dead by the time he reached the hospital.

It is worth noting that Khalil was not armed.

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 3369/2007
  • Field researcher: Manaf Abbas
  • Affidavit Date: 15 January 2007
  • Name: ‘Adnan Sa’id 'Abd-al-'Aziz Hamad
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