Affidavit No. 2092/2004

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected topenal action, I the undersigned, Suha 'Abd-al-Qader Sadeq al-Bzour, holder of I.D. #922372933, born on 25 April 1983, a housewife and resident of Raba Village, JeninGovernorate, would like to declare the following:

In October 2003, The Israeli occupation army deported my husband Mishref Younes al-Bzour tothe Gaza Strip after he was accused of being an activist with the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades inRaba village, Jenin governorate, where he was born. Since then, my suffering began and hasincreased every day. At the beginning, I requested a permit to the Gaza Strip in order to join myhusband until the period of his deportation finishes, but the Israeli occupation forces refused.But being pressured, they issued a permit that enables me to stay five months with him. Thisactually happened, and I lived with my husband in a rented house. After five months I wasobliged to come back to the West Bank, and specifically to Raba village, in order not to violatethe limited period of the permit, hoping that I might get another permit. But the Israeli authoritiesutterly and decisively refused that. Consequently, I moved to live in the house of my-father-inlaw until the return of my husband, because I was alone without children, and at the same time Iwas not working and unable to afford the expenditures of a home.

In April 2004, I discovered that I was pregnant, after six years of marriage without giving birth.The medical tests also showed that I was pregnant with twins, and that pleased my husbandand I. I started to prepare for the delivery, but on 21 November 2004, I started to feel labourpains although I was only in my seventh month. So, I went to the Jenin governmental hospitaland gave birth on the same day by surgery to save my life and the life of my twins. Here thetragedy started, because the doctors said that the health of my children was bad, and that werebetween life and death. I was told that I needed to be transferred to the occupied territories of1948, due to the fact that the English Nazareth hospital could provide all the needed treatmentfor the case of my children Ahmad and Mahmoud.

The brothers and relatives of my husband did all they could to transfer my children to thathospital. After great efforts, the Israeli liaison agreed to give permission for my children to behospitalized inside the Green Line, but absolutely refused to let me accompany my children.Imagine how difficult it is to separate between the mother and her newly born babies. I agreedto this for the benefit of my children, and they were transferred on 22 November 2004 byPalestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance to the al-Jalama military checkpoint north of Jenincity, and from there they were transferred by ambulance to the English Nazareth Hospital. Mysufferings increased when I requested that the Israeli authorities give me a permission to visitmy children and breastfeed them, but my five requests were rejected. This worsened mypsychological situation. My children are in Nazareth and my husband is in Gaza and I am in theWest Bank. How can our family reunion take place?

I started to ask about the health of my children by calling the director of the hospital, whoinformed me that when my children arrived to the hospital they were in a bad situation. Butthanks to God, their health started to improve and they were in the Intensive Care Unit and theywere being fed formula milk. The doctor also pointed out that my milk is much better for them,and when they are breastfed they will recover and return back to their normal state. He also toldme that the twins must stay in the hospital for two months, and they must not go out of thehospital before that period. The name of that doctor is Yousef Nijem, and he is a wonderfuldoctor. His words increased my insistence of obtaining a permit to visit my twins. After severaldays, the Israeli media through TV, radio, and newspapers started to write about my story andthis put pressure on the Israeli army to issue me a permit. After 17 days of transferring mychildren to Nazareth, I obtained a permit for one week that allowed me to enter into the GreenLine from 5 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Despite my great happiness upon visiting my twins and staying with them for hours andbreastfeeding them, I suffered from the costs of the daily travel, which cost me 250 shekelsdaily. Such expenses come with the difficult conditions the Palestinian endure, especially inRaba village. My husband is deported and unemployed, as are my brothers, and the brothers ofmy husband. I borrowed money from several families in Raba for the travel expenses. I amready to do anything in order to see my children and feed them with my milk, which improvestheir health, as doctors have affirmed. The deportation of my husband and his being unable tosee his children, of whom he dreamt for six years, increased my sufferings. I call upon goodpeople to help me in the expenses of my daily travel to Nazareth and put pressure on Israel toallow my husband to see his children. I would like to point out that the Israeli occupation hasdeprived me of my husband and then my children, and I do not know whom it will deprive mefrom in the future. Finally, I would like to thank you for your concern in my issue and I amobligated to leave to Nazareth, hoping to return with them some day.

This is my declaration and hereby I sign, on 18 December 2004
Signature: Suha 'Abd-al-Qader Sadeq al-Bzour

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 2092/2004
  • Field researcher: Tareq al-Haj Mahmoud
  • Affidavit Date: 18 December 2004
  • Name: Suha 'Abd-al-Qader Sadeq al-Bzour
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