Affidavit No. 2056/2004

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall besubjected to penal action, I the undersigned, Munira Ibrahim Yousef 'Amer, holder of ID #910072768, born on 24 December 1964, a housewife and resident of Masha village, SalfitGovernorate, would like to declare the following:

I have been living with my husband Muhammad in our home in southwest Masha village foraround 20 years, and our home is considered to be the last home in that village. Duringthese 20 years, we made a family of six children: Nidal, Hisham, Asya, Ishaq, Maysa' andShaddad. We continued to live in our home despite the existence of al-Qana settlementnearby. We used to live our life in a normal way, like all the other residents of the village,until 5 August 2003, the beginning of the construction of the tragic and racist SeparationWall, which no words can describe. I say this because this Wall has transformed our life intoa hell through the confiscation of two dunums of our land and bulldozing of our gardennursery that contained hundreds of trees and flowers. This nursery was completelybulldozed for the benefit of the construction of the Wall. Our losses were estimated at100,000 shekels, and now we live on one dunum instead of three.

On the other hand, now we live inside a besieged and isolated prison, away from the rest ofthe village residents and our relatives. Imagine the Wall is in front of us at a height of 6metres and length of 20 metres, while on the other three sides we are surrounded by barbedwire of over two metres in height. On the east side, the soldiers made a gate to enable us goto and from our home. But that is ridiculous, because at a distance of eight metres awaythere is an iron gate that controls entry and exit. This gate is controlled by the Israeli army.Therefore, we are suffering a lot, especially when one of us is outside home. It is particularlydifficult for our children. Hisham, Asya, Maysa', and Isaac are students at schools. Shaddadgoes to the kindergarten while Nidal is a worker and my husband works in agriculture. Whenthey go to their schools of work, my children and husband often wait for a long time beforethe soldiers open the gate for.

Moreover, I do not dare to go out of my home in order to avoid what happens with myhusband and children. Our friends and relatives do not visit us, in order to avoid this bitterexperience. We live at the mercy and under the oppression of the soldiers who open thegate whenever they want and close it whenever they want. I always ask what will we do ifsomebody is ill and in need of a doctor. I will give you an example of the way we live. Twomonths ago a French delegation visited us, along with an Israeli from the Peace Nowmovement. While they were visiting us, the Israeli soldiers intentionally closed the gate andthe delegation was stuck in our home for three hours. During this period, they were makingcontacts with different sides until the soldiers came and opened the gate for them. Thesoldiers also arrested the Israeli Peace Now activist. Then the soldiers entered our homeand started to threaten us by closing the gate forever if we receive anybody else.

Moreover, they closed the gate for one complete day as punishment. Therefore, I call uponall the international, humanitarian, and media organizations, and all peace loving movementsto support us in order to get out of this tragedy. We are isolated from our village, relatives,and friends, in addition to the harm we face everyday from the children of the settlers whothrow stones at us, considering that our home is only four metres from the houses of thesettlement to the east. When my children respond by throwing stones at them, the Israeliarmy comes and threatens us. The settlers are allowed to throw stones at us but my childrenare not allowed to do the same to them.

All these pressures are put on us to make us move and leave our home. It is worth notingthat the settlers are bargaining with us to sell our home at any price we want. But I say thatthis is our home and we started our life in it, gave birth to our children here, and we are notgoing to leave it, even if the settlers pay all the treasures of the world for it. For this reason, Icall upon all to come and visit us to get acquainted with our situation and work on removingthis Wall and the prison in which we live. Additionally, there is no specific time for opening orclosing the gate, and the matter is left to the mercy and oppression of the soldiers who openand close it whenever they want.

This is my declaration and hereby I sign, on 7 November 2004
Signature: Munira Ibrahim Yousef 'Amer

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 2056/2004
  • Field researcher: Yousef Qawareiq
  • Affidavit Date: 7 November 2004
  • Name: Munira Ibrahim Yousef 'Amer
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