Affidavit No. 1801/2004

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected topenal action, I the undersigned, Rima Hijazi Yasin Abu-Shakhdam, holder of I.D. No. #957756331, born on 11 July 1962, a housewife and resident of Hebron, Hebron Governorate,would like to declare the following:

I am a mother for five girls and two boys, the eldest of them is 22-year-old Shadi GhalebMohammad Yasin Abu-Shakhdam, and their youngest is 12-year-old Islam. My husband isGhaleb Abu-Shakhdam, 48 years old. On 13 April 2002, the Israeli army arrested my son Shadiat a military checkpoint in Beit Fajjar. On 2 July 2003, Shadi was tried in an Israeli court andwas sentenced six actual life sentences and 20 years imprisonment, charged with being amember of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and with planning military operations. On 22 October2003, the Israeli army demolished our home located in al-Hawouz area in Hebron city,destroying all our furniture and belongings.

My husband suffers from Parkinson's disease and a skin disorder, and he does not work. Shadiwas the only source of income for the family before his arrest, and he used to trade in clothes.After the demolishing of our home, we moved to a rented house (J.D. 300 per month). It is worthnoting that we live on the humanitarian assistance of some organizations, and we areconsidered a humanitarian case with the Ministry of Social Affairs lists in Hebron. But the lastevent that happened to my son has changed our life from a stable family to a dispersed andfrustrated family, and I have to bear all the responsibilities, as my children need money and myhusband is unemployed.

The expenditures of the family increase every day, and particularly my husband’s medical care,and I myself after I had a heart attack on 15 April 2002 when I heard about the arrest of my son.I was treated in al-Ahli hospital, and since then I am afraid of having another heart attack.Moreover, I cannot work for reasons related to my health, and I do not have the time, as I amresponsible for all the household chores and management. We live in a state of austerity andsometimes we do not find anything to eat. When we moved to our new home, we did not haveany piece of furniture except for a few couches. On our first day in our new home, we did nothave anything to eat although it was Ramadan and we were fasting. At night I covered mychildren with the few blankets that the Red Cross gave to us, which were not enough.

We received some assistance from the neighbours to enable us to live. When I thought of whatwas wanted, I found that nothing was available and everything was missing. When I got 190shekels and went to buy food for my children, on my way back I got lost, and I searched for myhome for two hours until I met with the driver who picked originally me up. These recentchanges have considerably affected the life of my children, husband, and me. Before, we had afixed salary, our situation was stable, and I was the housewife. But our life has now becomevery bad and we do not have any income except the assistance I get from donors and the Zakatmoney. Now I do not know whether I am a housewife or if I have to search for anything for mychildren.

Signature: Rima Hijazi Yasin Abu-Shakhdam

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 1801/2004
  • Field researcher: Zahi Jaradat
  • Affidavit Date: 17 May 2004
  • Name: Rima Hijazi Yasin Abu-Shakhdam
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