Affidavit No. 1723/2004

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall besubjected to penal action, I the undersigned, 'Ali Ahmad 'Ali 'Ayyad, holder of ID #986304711, born on 18 May 1968, a university student and a resident of Abu-Dis, JerusalemGovernorate, would like to declare the following:

My family owned hundreds of dunums of agricultural lands in Abu Dis, located to thesoutheast of Jerusalem. Since the occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1967, the Israelioccupation authorities confiscated vast areas of the town lands, and we as a family lost vastareas of our agricultural lands. Only 16 dunums of fertile agricultural lands located west ofthe town are left for us. Twenty days ago, Israeli machinery, bulldozers and excavators cameto this land and started excavating our land in preparation for constructing what is called theSeparation Wall between the Palestinian territories and the occupation state. Later on, it wasrevealed that this Wall, according to the present plan, will separate the land which we own inthat western area and confiscate part of it for the benefit of the Wall. Consequently, fourdunums will be behind the Wall, either confiscated or isolated so that we cannot use it,whether for agriculture or by building on it.

The lands affected by the Wall are owned by 32 persons who depend on it for theirlivelihood, especially under the difficult economic circumstances and their loss of their jobs,by cultivating it with winter agriculture. As a result of the Israeli measures, these lands losttheir financial value and only remained their moral value as they are inherited from fathersand grandfathers, and are considered a source of family power according to the Palestiniansociety tradition. It is also considered of great value as it helps families with their needs aspeople depend on it during their marriage or building for their sons when they get married.It is doubtless that the construction of the wall will transform the towns of Abu-Dis, al-'Eizariyya and al-Sawahra al-Sharqiyya into enclaves similar to prisons, controlled by theoccupation forces. These forces will be responsible for entering and exiting to and fromthese lands through gates, and maybe through only one gate like the one in al-Shayyah.

That gate has been closed for more than one week, and nobody is allowed to go out orcome in through it. whether they hold the Israeli identity card or the Palestinian identity card,without the approval of the Israeli soldiers positioned at that gate. Moreover, the citizens ofthese villages will lose contact with Jerusalem, which is considered to be the central arteryfor work, in addition to it being their easiest outlet to the north and south of the West Bank.For example, nowadays, in order to reach Ramallah, passing through what is known as theAbu George road through Ma'aleh Adumim checkpoint is unavoidable, and where one issubjected to thorough inspection. Additionally, it is a long distance, with time and financialcosts, which sometimes amounts to around 50 shekels compared to around seven shekelsin the past, and taking at least a half an hour of time.
This is my declaration and hereby I sign, on 12 March 2004
Signature: ‘
Field researcher: Manaf 'Abbas

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 1723/2004
  • Field researcher: Manaf Abbas
  • Affidavit Date: 12 March 2004
  • Name: Ali ‘Ayyad
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