Affidavit no. 7732/2012

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Riyad Rashid Muhammad Walwil, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID number 981696131, born on 7 June 1956, a retired teacher and resident of Qalqiliya, Qalqiliya governorate, would like to declare the following:

I’m a resident of Qalqiliya and remember that on 18 September 2012 at around 2:30 pm when I was at my house in Kufr Saba neighbourhood to the east of Qalqiliya, four Preventive Security members knocked on my door. I opened the door and noticed that three of them were armed. There was a fifth person in civilian dress. They had arrived in a white jeep, a military patrol vehicle. I spoke to the one in civilian dress, who told me that he wanted me to come to the Preventive Security headquarters. I asked him if I was being placed under arrest; he simply repeated that they wanted to talk to me. I got into the jeep with them and told my son to call the driver of the vehicle that transports the guava as I own agricultural land in ‘Habla village on which Guava trees are planted, and on that day I intended to go to the land to continue my agricultural activities.

The patrol headed to the Preventive Security headquarters in Khalit Nofal to the east of the city. At the gate, they took my personal belongings, which included my ID and a pen, before I was brought into a room, where I saw two people that I know, Mr. Bassam ‘Eid from Jinsafout village and Mr. Muhammad al-Khader from Qalqiliya, both of whom are teachers. They were under arrest. The guard who had brought me to the room said to them, “We have brought you your sheikh”. About five minutes later, I was lead by one of the guards to an interrogation room in which two people were sitting. We discussed the upcoming local elections; the interrogator wanted to know my position and I told him that I am not interested in the elections and that they (referring to the political parties) did not talk to me about who is running for the elections. The interrogator insisted on knowing which parties will run for election and which of them I’ll support and vote for in the upcoming elections. I told the interrogator that until Election Day, Allah will help us. The interrogator asked me about my trip to Hebron with some Da’wa (preaching) men to preach there, and if Hamas had a role in supporting the Da’wa men. I denied that Hamas had a role in supporting the Da’wa men. He also asked me if I was giving lessons at the mosque and I said yes.

The interrogator then went back to discussing the elections, and said that someone had told him I was not interested in elections and believed that local elections won’t take place. I told him that anything can happen in this country. The interrogator told me that he arrests extremists within Hamas, so I asked him where he sees me, on the left or the right, but he told me that I know what I did. After about half an hour, the interrogation was over and I was taken back to a room in the headquarters, where I stayed, alone, until seven in the evening. I could estimate the time as I heard the Maghreb prayer Azan (the sunset call to prayers) in the room. I was then summoned for interrogation for the second time. I was feeling tired since I normally take medication for high blood pressure, but the arrest meant that I could not take my medication. My blood pressure was taken at the headquarters and it was 100/160, which is high, so I was given a “Lasix” pill.

I was interrogated for the second time by an officer called ‘Adel Sa’id Nazzal. Most of his questions were about the elections and Hamas’ negative position regarding elections. I asked him which elections he was talking about living under a police regime and said that in the previous elections the security services interrogated all those who had participated in the elections, and here you are saying elections will be free. After that, the Military Medical Services came because of my high blood pressure. They took me out of the interrogation room but then brought me back there once again. After around 20 minutes, I was taken back to my room; I was feeling tired and dizzy, and had stomach pain. I knocked on the door and asked one of the people at the headquarters to call the Military Medical Services. They came and took my blood pressure which was still high. The military doctor told me that the officers and I are responsible for the tiredness and that I should request my own medication from the officers, and told me, “now you are committing suicide”. I was taken to the headquarters of the Military Medical Services guarded by the Preventive Security officers. They were monitoring my blood pressure and gave me two “Lasix” pills and after half an hour, I was taken back to the Preventive Security headquarters. After my return, the services doctor told the Preventive Security officers to ask my family to bring my medication. At around 10:30 pm, my medication arrived. I was in my room when a soldier of the security came and I asked him what they had to do with the elections as security and said that I would file a complaint against them before the Palestinian Central Elections Committee. He was surprised to hear me say that.

I remained in the room until the next day, September 19 2012, at 11:00 am at which time I was summoned for interrogation by Nasir al -Sous. I asked him what he wanted; he replied that he wanted to update my data. I said to him, you are a judicial police force who interrogates anyone you want, but after 24 hours, you should turn that person over to the prosecution. I asked if my presence there was legal. He started taking down my personal details and asked me about my activities since 8 March 2010, which was the date of my last arrest by the Palestinian Authority. I told him to ask me about any activity and I’ll answer. After that, I asked him why I was detained, so he brought up Isma’il Haniyya’s visit to Egypt and described it to be consolidating the division. Then, he started taking my statement and wrote my personal details on a piece of paper which I then read and signed. I was returned to my room for about five minutes before I was called again to be interrogated by the Interrogation Director known as “Abu Falastin”. He asked me why I was an insurgent, adding that he thought I was planning something malicious and unpatriotic and that if I take it any further, the old days will be back, referring to the days of beating, persecution and forced standing. He literally said, “At any moment, we will come to you and knock on your door and will arrest you at any time”. At around 12:15 pm I was given my ID, released and taken back to my house. It’s worth noting that I was never presented with an official arrest warrant.


This is my declaration, which I hereby sign on 19 September 2012


Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: Affidavit no. 7732/2012
  • Field researcher: Muhammad Ra’i
  • Affidavit Date: 19 September 2012
  • Name: Riyad Rashid Muhammad Walwil
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