Affidavit No. 5566/2010

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Jamil Saleh ‘Abdallah Mizher, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 972336564, born on 16 July 1964, a member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and a resident of al-Rimal neighbourhood, Gaza city, Gaza governorate, would like to declare  the following:

In light of the ongoing cut to the Gaza-Strip’s electricity supply,, which has affected all aspects of life and intensified the suffering of citizens, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) decided to organise a mass sit-in demonstration in protest against the ongoing electricity crisis. Five days before the sit-in demonstration was to be held, the PFLP Leadership submitted a written notice to the Chief of Police at the Gaza government, stating that the PFLP intended to hold the sit-in protest at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 10 August 2010, at al-Jundi al-Majhoul Square near the Palestinian Legislative Council offices in the centre of Gaza city. However, we did not receive a reply from the Police. They simply procrastinated and delayed replying.. Just one day prior to the sit-in demonstration, the Police refused our application and demanded that we report to the political leadership of the Hamas movement in Gaza. We therefore consulted with the Hamas political leadership, who also refused to allow us to hold the protest.

However, we advised that the PFLP would proceed with, and organise, the sit-in demonstration at the allotted time, and expressed our hope that the police would not intervene and disperse it by force. At around 8:00 pm on Tuesday 10 August 2010, I met with all the leading PFLP activists in Gaza, and a large number of PLFP supporters and demonstrators, including children and women, and, holding candles, we gathered at the Unidentified Soldier Square.

Meanwhile, a large police force, including about six police vehicles, arrived at that scene. Armed with Kalashnikov rifles and batons, police officers surrounded us and the police force commander ordered that we evacuate the area. He threatened that otherwise, the police would intervene and disperse participants of the sit-in by force because PFLP had not obtained the requisite licence. Along with other leading PFLP activists I explained to the police force commander that we had submitted a request to the police and Hamas leadership and that we only needed one hour to hold the sit-in demonstration and deliver speeches in protest at the continuing electricity crisis.

Nonetheless, he refused our request and ordered the police force to surround us. After Comrade Jamil al-Majdalawi, a member of the PFLP political office, had delivered the first protest speech, police officers dispersed the sit-in demonstration by force. They beat participants with batons and rifle butts, injuring a large number of the crowd as well as PFLP supporters and cadres. While forcibly dispersing the participants, police officers also beat leading PFLP activists with batons and arrested a number of PFLP supports. Later, the PFLP leadership intervened and requested that the arrested persons be released. Consequently, the police released these persons.

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 5566/2010
  • Field researcher: Tareq al-Haj Mahmoud
  • Affidavit Date: 11 August 2010
  • Name: Jamil Saleh ‘Abdallah Mizher
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