Affidavit No. 5169/2009

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Nabil „Abd-al-Rahman Yihiya Abu-Rajab, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 859768392, born on 4 April 1995, a trainee mechanic, and a resident of the al-Salayma neighbourhood, Hebron city, Hebron governorate, would like to declare the following:

At around 11:45 am on Sunday, 13 December 2009, I left my house, located southeast of the Ibrahimi Mosque, located near the Ibrahimiya School, in order to deliver a jacket to my brother Muhammad, who is at the first basic grade in the aforementioned school. The Ibrahimiya School is approximately 180 metres west of my house. As my mother requested, I took the jacket on that cold day. My friend Marwan Muhammad al-Salayma, about 12 years old, accompanied me to the school. There is an Israeli Border Guard checkpoint at the south-eastern entrance of the street leading to the Ibrahimi Mosque. On the opposite side of the checkpoint, there is an unofficial stop station, where Israeli settlers wait for cars or buses to transport them to areas outside the city.

The stop station is approximately 20 meters south of the Border Guard checkpoint. After I gave the jacket to my brother, I left to return immediately to my house. As I approached the Border Guard checkpoint on my way home, I saw four settlers, who were all around 16 years of age. Having come as close as two metres away from my friend Marwan and I, they began to shout obscenities at us in Hebrew, which I could barely understand. This took place on the al-Ibrahimiya School playground, a distance of about 20 metres from the checkpoint. The playground is currently used as a parking lot for buses, which transport Israeli visitors to the Ibrahimi Mosque.

At that time, an Israeli Border Guard soldier of African origin (with a black complexion), who was positioned to guard the buses, shouted at the settlers. Therefore, they left us alone and walked towards the parking lot. My friend Marwan and I continued to walk. When we were at a distance of about five metres from them, the four settlers ran towards us, and my friend Marwan escaped. They grabbed and pushed me down on the ground. Of these, one settler was of white complexion, blond, about 150 centimetres tall, and carried a rock the size of a fist in his hand. He hit me with the stone on my left eye and on the left side of my nose. Another settler also hit me with a stick, which he carried in his hand, on my right knee. The other two settlers punched me on the back several times. A short time later, the settlers left me.

The four settlers wore small caps on their heads and had long sideburns. Though I felt dizzy, I ran towards the south. When I was about 20 metres away from the parking lot, I met with my neighbours „Amer „Abd-al-Ra‟ouf al-Mutaseb, about 35 years old, and his brother „Abd-al-Mu‟izz, about 39 years old, who carried me and returned to the Border Guard checkpoint. They requested that Border Guard officers allow them access the Israeli police station near the Ibrahimi Mosque. The Border Guard officer tried to prevent them, but my neighbours did not listen to them and continued to walk until they reached the police station. Then, I fell unconscious for about ten minutes. I should note that the two Border Guard officers, who were positioned at the checkpoint, saw the settlers assault me. In front of the police station, I came around after my neighbours „Amer and „Abd-al-Mu‟izz splashed water on my face.

I was then brought into a room inside the police station. Later, an Israeli military physician arrived, checked my pulse, and diagnosed my left eye. A police officer also took a photograph of my face. Then, a Palestinian ambulance of the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) arrived and
transported me to the Hebron Governmental Hospital (“‟Alia”), to which I was admitted at around 1:00 pm. At the hospital, I had x-rays and medical examinations completed. Doctors requested that I stay at the hospital for 24 hours under medical surveillance, but I refused and left at around 4:30 pm. At the hospital, it appeared that I had sustained a bruise on the left side of my nose as well as a scratch in the cornea of my left eye. I also suffered from pain in my right knee. Doctors gave a medicine for my eye.

After I had left the hospital, my mother took me to the Israeli police station near the settlement of Kiryat Arba‟ east of the city of Hebron, where I filed a complaint against the settlers who had had assaulted me.

Until today, I have been staying at home. On the day after the attack, my eye swelled significantly and I still suffer from pain. I am a member of a family of eight persons, four of whom are under 17 years of age. My father is unemployed, so my eldest brother Akram, almost 19 years, is the provider of the family. He works in the shoemaking industry. I left school at the beginning of the last academic year.

This is my declaration and hereby I sign, 15 December 2009
Signature: Nabil Abu-Rajab
Name not withheld
Field researcher: Hisham Sharabati
I, the undersigned, Amal Mahmoud Abu-Rajab, hereby declare that my son Nabil has given the above sworn statement to al-HAQ and signed thereon before me.
Amal Abu-Rajab

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 5169/2009
  • Field researcher: Hisham Sharabati
  • Affidavit Date: 15 December 2009
  • Name: Nabil „Abd-al-Rahman Yihiya Abu-Rajab
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