Affidavit No. 5114/2009

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Sundus Khaled Saleh Najjar, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. 905644860, born on 21 November 1974, a housewife, and a resident of the Bourin village, Nablus Governorate, would like to declare the following:

On 13 October 2009, my family members and I were asleep on the second floor of our two-story house, which is surrounded by an approximately two-metre-high support wall, northeast of our village of Bourin. My family consists of my husband Mursi (about 36 years old) and my children Walid (about 14 years old), Shurouq (about 13 years old), Ayah (11 years old), Sa’id (6 years old) Maysa’ (4 years old), and Mahmoud (2 years old). My husband were awakened suddenly when we heard sound grenades fall around our house from the north. At that time, someone called through a loudspeaker, demanding that everybody in the house get out, lifting their arms. We also heard the sound of many stones hit the northern side of the house. Although my husband and I were confused, we realised that we were the intended persons in light of the events going on, despite the fact that our names were not mentioned. Immediately, I turned on the internal lights of the house and looked at my watch, which indicated that it was 2:00 am. I began to shout loudly that we would get out quickly. In less than five minutes, we woke up our children and told them what was happening. Because of the sound grenades, stones and loudspeaker, they were very frightened and cried. In spite of this, and with my husband leading us, we proceeded outside, one after the other. As we were leaving the house, the stone-throwing and sound grenades ceased. As we went out to the western entrance, we saw more than 30 Israeli soldiers in the light of lamp posts along the street, which illuminated the western yard of our house. The soldiers were in their standard full military uniform, with helmets on their heads and their faces painted black. I estimated that they were between 20 and 30 years of age, but I could not distinguish whether there was an officer present or not.

As soon as they saw us, a soldier who stood about ten metres west of us demanded in Arabic, which we understood well, that we show our ID cards and keep our arms raised. I told him that only my husband and I held IDs. Then, he demanded that we all step forward, one after the other. When we reached him, he took my husband’s ID card and forced him to stand west of our location, raise his arms and turn his face away from us. He also demanded that the rest of us approach a wall, stand against it and continue to lift our arms. More than five soldiers stood around and pointed their weapons at us. About two minutes later, the soldier who carried the megaphone approached us and demanded that my son Walid go up to the second floor and open the doors of the flat. I requested the soldier to allow me to accompany my son, but he refused. Therefore, Walid accompanied a number of soldiers and returned less than five minutes later. We were all very scared and heard the sound of objects being destroyed inside our house. Meanwhile, my children screamed and requested that they needed to go to the toilet. I requested that the soldiers who were positioned around us to allow me to take my children to the toilet, but they said it was forbidden. About 20 minutes later, two of my children, Maysa’ and Mahmoud, urinated on themselves because of the horror they were subjected to. At that point, I asked the same soldiers to go and bring clean clothes for my children from the house. However, they replied that it was “forbidden”. We continued to stand against the wall and hold our arms up for about one hour.

Later, I saw a number of soldiers grab my husband’s arm whilst his hands were tied behind his back with plastic handcuffs and take him outside the house’s yard, telling us that they would take him with them. After they left, the soldier who carried the megaphone told us that we could return to the house, which we did.

When we entered the house, we saw great destruction. In my bedroom, the bed and cupboard were completely ruined and all clothes inside the cupboard were thrown out on the ground. The main wooden door of our bedroom was also destroyed, and so was the washing machine. In the two children’s rooms, pieces of furniture were thrown on the ground, clothes were torn apart, and a Pentium 4 computer was destroyed. In the kitchen, all contents, including glassware and 12 pots were completely destroyed and no longer usable. In addition, about 20 kilograms of flour was spilled on the ground and mixed with about ten kilograms of sugar and about ten kilograms of salt. Moreover, eight bottles of pickles of two kilograms each were torn apart and thrown on the ground.

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 5114/2009
  • Field researcher: Yousef Qawareiq
  • Affidavit Date: 17 October 2009
  • Name: Sundus Khaled Saleh Najjar
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