Affidavit No. 4463/2008

Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Hanin Saleh Muhiyi-al-Din al-Loh, of Palestinian nationality, holder of ID No. unknown, born on 30 April 1981, a housewife and a resident of Wadi al-Salqa area, east of Deir al-Balah City, Central Gaza Governorate, would like to declare the following:

I am Hanin Saleh Muhiyi-al-Din al-Loh. I am 27 years old, married, and live in a three-storey, concrete house in Wadi al-Salqa area, east of Deir al-Balah City. At about 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 4 November 2008, I was sitting with my husband's family on the second floor of our house, which is located about 300 metres west of the border fence with Israel. My husband Radwan al-Hmeidi, 24 years old, and his brother Nu'man, 22 years old, arrived and told us that they had seen a number of people surrounding the house. We thought that they were members of another family who were coming to our house regarding a problem that took place between us a while ago. My husband told us to go down to the ground floor and hide in the bedroom. So I went down with my mother-in-law, my sisters-in-law, and Nu'man's wife.

My husband called out to the persons surrounding the house and repeated several times, "Who are you? Who is there?" However, no one answered. Later, I heard the sound of several bullets fired inside the house. I thought that my husband had fired shots towards the people outside. Then, an intense exchange of fire took place, lasting for about ten minutes. Afterwards, individuals called out to us on loudspeakers and demanded that we exit the house. It appeared that they were Israeli soldiers. My husband Radwan arrived and said that Israeli infantry forces were surrounding the house. He told us to leave the house and move to the house of our neighbour Nadiya Burei'em, about 200 metres north of ours.

An open piece of agricultural land separated our houses. I went out, accompanied by my mother-in-law, my sisters-in-law, and Nu'man's wife. My husband Radwan and his brother Nu'man remained in the house. As soon as we were out, the occupying soldiers began to fire shots towards us. I felt as though I had been hit by bullets in my feet and back. I fell on the ground and crawled towards our neighbour's house.

Nu'man's wife and my sisters-in-law had already managed to reach the house. However, my mother-in-law and her grandson Ahmad remained outside and I did not know what happened to them. I stayed in the house for about 20 minutes. My feet and back bled heavily and I screamed from the severe pain. Meanwhile, I heard Israeli armoured vehicles and bulldozers approach the house and start to demolish its eastern side. As the Israeli army also began firing shots, we decided to get out of the house in fear that the Israeli bulldozer would demolish the house while we were inside. Nu'man's wife and sister carried me out through the northern door of the house. As soon as we were out, the occupying soldiers pointed spotlights at us, ordered us to lift up our clothes, turn around, raise our hands, and walk towards them. I told them I had sustained several bullet wounds in my feet and back. Two soldiers then dragged me by my arm and dropped me on the ground near the border fence.

About half an hour later, an Israeli ambulance arrived and transported me to a hospital inside Israel. There, I received medical treatment and had a surgical operation. It appeared that I had sustained three bullet wounds: one in the left leg, one in the right thigh, and one in the back. At about 3:00 pm on Thursday, 6 November 2008, they took me out of the hospital and transported me in a civilian car to Beit Hanoun (Erez) Crossing. There, they took me out of the car and seated me in a wheel chair. They then led me into a room where a person in civilian clothes sat at a desk. I felt he was an Israeli Intelligence officer. He asked me about my name, my place of residence, and about the names of my family members. I answered him.

Then, he inquired about the administration of the Gaza Strip by Hamas. He asked, "Do you like Hamas?" I refused to answer. I said I was sick and in need of a hospital. About five minutes later, he ordered me to leave the room and return to the Gaza Strip. In the wheelchair, I crossed Beit Hanoun Crossing alone. An ambulance belonging to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which was waiting for me on the Palestinian side of the crossing, transported me to the al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city of Deir al-Balah. Until now, I am still being treated at the hospital.


Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: Affidavit No. 4463/2008
  • Field researcher: Tariq Zaqout
  • Affidavit Date: 8 November 2008
  • Name: Hanin Saleh Muhiyi-al-Din al-Loh
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