Affidavit No. 1692/2004

 Sworn Statement

After having been warned to tell the truth and nothing but the truth or else I shall be subjected to penal action, I, the undersigned, Aysha Husein Saliem Abu Nada, holder of ID # 965630726, born in 1942, resident of Al Maslakh Quarters in the suburbs of Jenin, work as a homemaker, would like to declare the following:

At around 2:30 in the afternoon of Wednesday, 10 March 2004, and while I was sleeping in my house, which is located in Al Maslakh quarters on the eastern side of Jenin near the tin factory, I woke up to the sounds of heavy shooting next to my house. I thought that there was a row outside, but the heavy shooting made me change my mind.

I rose from my bed and the heavy shooting was still continuing, when suddenly I sensed some movement in front of my house. I looked towards the western window of the house to find an Israeli soldier, wearing full military gear, including a helmet. The right side of the soldier was visible and clear to me. This soldier started shooting towards a target that was directly in front of him, because I had seen the gun he was carrying when it was aiming to the ground.

At this point, I protected myself behind a curtain that divides between the kitchen and the room, which has the western window where the soldier was standing directly in front of it. I would sneak a quick look at the soldier, out of the fear that he would notice me and aim his gun towards me. This soldier had shot over 50 bullets quickly and continuously.

After a few moments, the soldier left the place returning in the direction of the tin factory, which lies to the northern side of my house. At this moment, at the time when the Israeli soldier was leaving the place, I heard a very loud shout and it was literally, “the dogs are dead”. At that point, the gunfire was still ongoing but it was sporadic and I realized that the shooters were members of the Israeli Army and that they had succeeded in killing one or more of the young men. I remained in the house, incapable of leaving it, until around 3:00 in the afternoon when the gunfire subsided and I started hearing the sounds of young men and women outside. Here I opened the door of my house, which has a veranda in front of it, and when I looked in the direction of where the Israeli soldier had been shooting, specifically towards the south, I found a young man laying flat back on the ground, soaked in blood. At the sight, I started screaming as loud as I could and I came closer to that young man only to find out that he had been killed. His body was bleeding profusely, due to the many gunshots he had. At the point, some young men came to the place and they carried the man and transferred him to an ambulance.

When I looked towards the north of my house towards the main road, I found a small, navy Volkswagen car that had crashed into an electrical pole 20 metres away from house, which is the distance between my house and the main road. Now things became clear to me, because I realised that members of the Israeli special troops had shot towards the car and at that point, one of the young men tried to flee and went to the veranda of my house to take shelter. Nevertheless, the Israeli soldiers chased him and killed him. The name of the young man, as I learned afterwards, is Ayman Mahmoud Saba’neh and he is a resident of Nablus Street in Jenin. I also knew from other fellow citizens that three other young men had been killed, they are, Muhammad Kheir Allah, Ihab Abu Ja’far and Amer Qasrawi, all from Jenin. After a few hours from this accident, I found out that a fifth young man had been killed, named Basel’ Amro and it was said that he had been arrested while still alive, but he

was eliminated later on, in a military checkpoint called al-Jalmah, on the northern side of Jenin.
Signed on 24 March 2004
Name not withheld from publication

Affidavit Details

  • Affidavit Number: 1692/2004
  • Field researcher: Tareq al-Haj Mahmoud
  • Affidavit Date: 24 March 2004
  • Name: Name not withheld
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