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31 Bil'in Seeks Permission to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada the dismissal of its case 11/12/2010 12891
32 OECD tourism meeting in Jerusalem of 20-22 October 2010: - When actions speak louder than words 21/10/2010 14094
33 Al-Haq Action Alert: Assault on Palestinian East Jerusalem 13/10/2010 12125
34 Petition for Urgent Action on Human Rights Violations in Mamilla Cemetary by the Israel, the Occupying Power 13/10/2010 11141
35 Call to End Systematic Evictions in East Jerusalem and Desist the Ongoing Settlement Policy in the Occupied West Bank 13/10/2010 11352
36 Five years after the ICJ Advisory Opinion: Al-Haq calls for High Contracting Parties to reconvene 13/10/2010 10358
37 A Culture of Repression: Israeli authorities ban Palestinian Cultural Festival in East Jerusalem 13/10/2010 11907
38 Sacrificing Justice for Politics: Four Years on, Israel’s High Court Continues to Disregard the International Court of Justice’s Advisory Opinion 12/10/2010 9930
39 The Third Anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s Advisory Opinion: Time for Concrete Action by the UN General Assembly 12/10/2010 7387
40 40 Years after the Unlawful Annexation of East Jerusalem: Consolidation of the Illegal Situation Continues Through the Construction of the Jerusalem Light Rail 12/10/2010 11563
41 Problems with the Proposed Register of Damage - Al-Haq Intervention to the President of the UN General Assembly 11/10/2010 6616
42 Israels Attempts to Unilaterally Set Borders Violate International Law 11/10/2010 6928
43 East Jerusalem Remains Occupied Territory Under International Law 11/10/2010 7754
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