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46 "My dignity is more precious than food" Palestinian Prisoner Enters 53rd Day of Hunger Strike 08/02/2012 10889
47 Israel Continues Violent Repression of Peaceful Protests 10/12/2011 10530
48 Israeli Settler Groups Calling for the Murder of Former Palestinian Prisoners 27/10/2011 5786
49 Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Fate of Palestinian Political Prisoners 18/10/2011 7681
50 PCHRO calls on the International Community to address the treatment of Palestinian political prisoners 13/10/2011 5838
51 Wilful Killing of Umar Qawasmi 06/06/2011 7948
52 Al-Haq Action Alert: Four Unarmed Teenagers Shot Dead by Israeli Military in Nablus District 13/10/2010 4972
53 Excessive Use of Force and Willful Killing in Hebron 13/10/2010 6956
54 The Wilful Killing of Aqel Srour Following a Ni’lin Demonstration against the Annexation Wall: a Deplorable Illustration of Impunity’s Slippery Slope 13/10/2010 4539
55 Deceptive findings of Israeli military “investigation” cover up extra-judicial killing of West Bank PalestinianDeceptive findings of Israeli military “investigation” cover up extra-judicial killing of West Bank Palestinian 12/10/2010 4629
56 A Vicious Reminder of Occupation in the West Bank: Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Farmer in Hebron 12/10/2010 4815
57 Israeli Military Investigation Sanctions Wilful Killing of Civilians, including Reuters Cameraman, and Demonstrates Complete Disregard for Principle of Precautions in Attack 12/10/2010 4520
58 Right To Life of Palestinian Children Disregarded in Ni’lin as Israel’s Policy of Wilful Killing of Civilians Continues 12/10/2010 4846
59 Wilful killing not collateral damage: Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip must be prosecuted 12/10/2010 5344
60 Israeli Forces Wilfully Kill a 72-Year-Old Palestinian in Hebron 11/10/2010 7027
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