Palestinian violations

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1 Al-Haq Condemns the Assaults on Peaceful Demonstrators, Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Gaza 16/03/2019 1781
2 Al-Haq’s Comments on the Justice Sector Development Committee’s Report and Draft Law by Decree Amending the Judicial Authority Law 03/01/2019 2411
3 Al-Haq’s Comments on the Law by Decree on Social Security and its Complementary Regulations and Instructions 02/01/2019 2649
4 Position Paper by Palestinian Civil Society Organisations and the Independent Commission for Human Rights on the Decision by the Supreme Constitutional Court to Dissolve the Palestinian Legislative Council and to Call for Legislative Elections 27/12/2018 2966
5 Al-Haq Calls for the Immediate End to the Forced Eviction of Citizens in the City of Ramallah 08/11/2018 3010
6 Al-Haq: “Recommendations by the Justice Sector Development Committee Violate Independence of the Judiciary” 08/09/2018 4226
7 Al-Haq Submits a Follow-Up Report to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Following its First Review of the State of Palestine 13/07/2018 4405
8 Palestinian Security Forces and Agents Forcefully Disperse Peaceful Demonstrators in Ramallah 15/06/2018 5179
9 Al-Haq Calls on the Authorities in the Gaza Strip to Release Samah Abu Ghayyad 23/05/2018 4865
10 Legal Implications of Salary Cuts by the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip 14/05/2018 5141
11 Al-Haq: Failure to Ensure Civil Society’s Access to the Draft Law by Decree Amending the Law by Decree on Cybercrimes 14/05/2018 4562
12 Al-Haq Calls on the Minister of Finance to Pay the Salaries of Employees in Gaza 25/04/2018 7022
13 Al-Haq Calls Upon the Council of Ministers to Form an Independent Committee to Review the Decision on Early Retirement 14/03/2018 9089
14 Civil Society Organizations to Form A Fact-Finding Committee on the Question of Palestinian Judiciary 28/02/2018 7848
15 Position Paper: Palestinian Civil Society Calls on the High Judicial Council to Respect Judges Right to Freedom of Expression 27/02/2018 5566
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