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16 A Deafening Silence: EU must address escalation of violence against Palestinians 06/10/2015 10129
17 17 April: Palestinian Prisoners Day, Marks Increase in Torture, Ill treatment and Administrative Detention 22/04/2015 9783
18 Al-Haq Submission to the EU on its 2014 ENP Progress Report on Israel 15/10/2014 10736
19 European Union: Is International Law a Universal Right or a Select Privilege? 30/07/2014 12492
20 Human Rights Council Special Session on Palestine: the EU must not repeat past mistakes regarding Israeli military attacks against the Gaza Strip 22/07/2014 8205
21 Israel: Force-feed to Stifle Resistance, the EU must Take Action! 20/06/2014 16282
22 Al-Haq Welcomes Decision by Dutch Company Vitens NV to Terminate its Collaboration with the Israeli National Water Company Mekorot 12/12/2013 10386
23 Joint Open letter to Dutch Ministers regarding the involvement of Israeli companies with settlement-ties in the Dutch-Israeli Cooperation Forum 05/12/2013 9001
24 Al-Haq Submission to the EU on its 2013 ENP Progress Report on Israel 14/10/2013 10418
25 Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Send Letter Urging United States to Cease Pressure to Postpone or Amend EU Guidelines 10/09/2013 9871
26 Joint Open Letter to the Dutch Foreign Minister regarding the Israeli-Dutch Cooperation Forum 18/07/2013 8023
27 RE: European Parliament Fact-finding Mission on Palestinian Political Prisoners 09/07/2013 7646
28 EMHRN and the Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council’s submission to the EU ahead of the EU-PA sub-committee on human rights, good governance and the rule of law 02/04/2013 5582
29 New Al-Haq Report, “Feasting on the Occupation”, Highlights EU Obligation to Ban Settlement Produce 14/01/2013 15093
30 EMHRN statement ahead of the EU- PA Joint Committee meeting 07/12/2012 7546
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