Directions to other good organisations for possible internships


In the West Bank:

In the Gaza Strip:

  • The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR - http://www.pchrgaza.org ).
  • or Al Mezan (www.mezan.org ), which focuses more on social and economic rights. Keep in mind that Gaza is currently subject to violent incursions and entering the Gaza Strip has been difficult for many foreigners lately.
Palestinian Organizations inside of Israel:  

In Israel

  • B‘Tselem (works on OPT, but factually more than legally – www.btselem.org ).
  • ACRI (works within the Israeli legal system, has an OPT section – www.acri.org.il ).
  • HaMoked (legal defence for individuals – www.hamoked.org ).
  • Yesh Din (on settlers - www.yesh-din.org ).
  • Gisha  www.gisha.org.
  • Physicians for Human Rights Israel www.phr.org.il   
  • You could also look into Bimkom, Machsom Watch and Breaking the Silence, but I know less about them. Zochrot is a pure advocacy organisation raising awareness within Israel society of the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ of 1948-1949.

Also occupied Golan:  

These organisations all defend human rights, but have varying approaches to advocacy as well as interpretations of the law. Check out their websites to see what looks good to you.

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