Bylaw of Al-Haq - Chapter V

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Chapter V
The Resources of the Organisation, their Utilization and Management

Article Eighteen:
Financial resources of the Organisation include the following:

1. Annual subscription fees.
2. Donations and unconditional aid.
3. Proceeds of activities held by the Organisation such as parties and exhibitions.
4. Wills.
5. Returns of the Organisation’s investments and the income earned from the Organisation’s production projects, should they exist.

Article Nineteen:
Managing the funds of the Organisation

• The Organisation’s fiscal year commences on the first day of January and expires on the last day of December.
• The Board of Directors shall be the party disposes of, collects and keeps the Organisation’s funds. It shall also be in charge of the manner of approving disbursing expenditures needed for the functions of the Board of Directors and the rest of the Organisation’s activities.
• All funds, documents and records related to the Organisation shall be deposited at local banks.
• To withdraw any amount of money from the Organisation’s funds which are deposited in banks, withdrawal vouchers have to be co-signed by the Chairperson, the treasurer and the Deputy Chairperson.

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