Bylaw of Al-Haq - Chapter III

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Chapter III

Article Six:
Membership in the Organisation is divided as follows:

A- Working member; a member who abides by the goals and the principles of the Organisation and who participates in its different activities and pays his/her subscription fees regularly and is entitled to electing, voting and candidacy.
B- Honorary member; any person or body providing venerable, material or non-material services to the Organisation and is nominated as such by the Organisation’s Board of Directors. Such a member shall not be entitled to electing, voting or candidature.

Article Seven:
Conditions of Membership

A. Any Palestinian is entitled to be a working member in the Organisation, provided that he/she meets the following conditions:

1. To be active and to have interests that are attested in the field of defending human rights and freedoms and to be an expert or academic personality with advanced academic degrees in the field of human rights and freedoms.
2. To have reached 30 years of age.
3. Not to have been charged with a crime or a misdemeanour involving moral turpitude.
4. To abide by the Organisation’s goals and principles as decreed by the provisions of this Bylaw.

B. Membership applications to AL-HAQ Organisation shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.
C. The member shall pay an annual subscription fee of ten Jordanian Dinars or its equivalent. In all cases, the annual subscription fee must be paid before the 31st of December every year.

Article Eight:
Termination of Membership

A. Membership shall be terminated in the following cases and circumstances:

1. Voluntary withdrawal from the Organisation.
2. Loss of any of the membership conditions provided in this Bylaw.
3. Dismissal from the Organisation.
4. Death.

B. A member shall be dismissed by a decision to be taken by the Board of Directors with the approval of two thirds of the members in the following cases:

1. If he/she commits a fundamental contravention of the objectives and goals of the organisation.
2. If he/she commits any offence or misbehaviour which may negatively affect the Organisation and damage its reputation.

C. A member against whom a decision of dismissal is issued forth shall have the right to appeal the decision before the General Assembly.

Article Nine
Restoring Membership

The Board of Directors shall have the right to restore membership to a member dismissed for not having paid the specified subscription fee in case he/she pays off all due financial liabilities to the Organisation.

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