Bylaw of Al-Haq - Chapter II

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Chapter II

Article Five:
Goals and objectives of the Organisation

AL-HAQ “Law in the Service of Man” seeks to achieve the following goals:

• Promote the rule of law and respect of human rights and liberties in the Palestinian society.
• Protect the rights and freedoms of the Palestinians in the Palestinian society.
• Enhance human rights concepts in the Palestinian society.
• Develop Palestinians' concepts and awareness of public rights and freedoms.
• Lay the foundation to and epitomise the international principles of human rights and freedoms throughout the Palestinian society.
• Strengthen governmental as well as nongovernmental international official for the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights to self-determination and the creation of their independent state.
• Defend the rights of Palestinians through various legitimate means in accordance with the national and international laws and treaties.
• Coordinate and cooperate on an ongoing basis with the Palestinian Legislative Council and the various relevant Palestinian ministries and departments to activate their roles in promoting human rights and freedoms.
• Cooperate and liaise with all Palestinian nongovernmental organisations with similar goals.
• Coordinate with international and regional organisations that share the same goals to foster and activate their roles in the state of Palestine.
• Strengthen the position and the role of “AL-HAQ” in the field of promoting human rights and freedoms internationally through its continuous participation in the activities of the United Nations related to human rights and freedoms.

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